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Voyager Space Holdings’ Third Acquisition: The Launch Company

Sandra Erwin, for SpaceNews:

The Launch Company designs mobile launch sites that could be used by multiple small launchers. “We can help customers get to space faster and more affordably by streamlining the launch process in part through automation,” said CEO and founder Ben Kellie.

Kellie said The Launch Company has no plans to build rockets. “We want to support the companies that are building rockets by transforming the way they launch. We also build hardware such as ground support equipment for these companies as well as quick disconnect fueling fittings for rockets and spacecraft,” he said.

I had not heard of The Launch Company previously, but I probably should have. Their site lists Relativity, Firefly, and Virgin Orbit among their customers.

The comment about quick disconnects piqued my interest, as Altius Space Machines—Voyager Space Holdings’ first acquisition—has been working on CryoCouplers for a while:

Altius is developing a family of cryogenic propellant couplings, which can serve as a ground T-0 quick disconnect umbilical, while also being easy to robotically reconnect on-orbit, allowing it to become the standard interface for future in-space propellant transfer.