My son has arrived! Signing off for a few weeks.

Exciting news! My son was born a few days ago, and we’re all home and healthy.

I’ll be going offline for a few weeks to spend some time with him and settle into life as a parent. Feels like a good breakpoint in 2020, anyway, after the big NSSL Phase 2 awardstons of small launch newsMars launch mayhem, SpaceX DM-2, and so much else it’s hard to remember. The most recent episode of Off-Nominal with our friend Loren Grush was the perfect way to wrap things up before my break for the baby, as we talk about all those stories with some classic Off-Nominal fun infused.

During my break, I’ll be pausing the Patreon charges for September, as there will be no new podcasts or Headlines hitting your feeds. If you join during that time (which still has an upfront charge), you still get access to the Off-Nominal Discord, the back catalogue of content like Headlines, discussions as we rewatch the Apple TV+ series For All Mankind, or you could visit The Before Times with our IAC day-by-day recaps, I suppose.

I can’t promise I won’t be hanging out in Discord, tweeting, or blogging late at night, but I also won’t promise I will be, either! I’ll update you in a few weeks, and expect podcasting to resume shortly after that. Thanks for being so supportive of this single-person operation!