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Swarm Licensed to Begin Commercial Operations

Sara Spangelo, CEO of Swarm, in a Medium post on what has to be one of the most surprising regulatory turnarounds in space history:

The approvals include our Part 25 license and our “1 million user devices” license from the FCC. We also have approval for several ground stations around the globe, a critical component of our network.

In order to provide affordable satellite connectivity worldwide, Swarm is now focused on gaining regulatory approvals in additional countries around the world. We currently have market access in the UK, New Zealand, Germany, Sweden, Antarctica, and International Waters. We have deployed ground stations in the US, UK, Antarctica, New Zealand, and the Azores, with additional signed partnership agreements in place for several more. We anticipate having more than 30 ground stations installed by the end of the summer, which will be one of the largest ground station networks ever deployed for a satellite communications company.