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Yours Truly on the AGI YouTube Channel

All week, I’ve been appearing on the AGI YouTube channel alongside T.S. Kelso of CelesTrak.

On Monday, we talked about how T.S. started CelesTrak and what he thinks about some of the challenges and opportunities in the modern era of spaceflight.

On Tuesday, he demoed CelesTrak and showed off some of the really cool features within. I  love using it to visualize orbits, to get data to read off during MECO Headlines, and to generally explore Earth orbit.

On Wednesday, T.S. showed off the Starlink data he has in CelesTrak, talked about working with SpaceX to get data before launches, and then Josh showed how to pull up Starlink data in STK to determine viewing times from your location.

Finally, Thursday had the coolest video: a visualization of the 57,000 satellites that have applied for licenses to be launched over the next decade. It’s a mind-blowingly cool video, and even though every one of them might not come to fruition, it really makes you think.

As we head into the weekend and a long holiday, find some time to settle in and learn about CelesTrak.