Orbital Services Program-4 Launch Providers Selected

Sandra Erwin, SpaceNews

SpaceX, Xbow Launch Systems, Northrop Grumman, Firefly Aerospace, United Launch Alliance, Aevum, Vox Space and Rocket Lab have been selected to provide launch services in the Orbital Services Program-4 — a $986 million procurement of launch services over nine years. The Air Force announced the winners Oct. 10.

The RFP was released back in August, and as we heard then, the program contains up to 20 missions that will be competed as they are ready. The selected launch providers are a nice mix of those who are flying today, those who are coming up on their first flight, and those who are still early on in their work.

Eight providers were selected, but nine proposals were received. I would love to know who missed the cut here, and what they had in their proposal to blame for that.

Iā€™m particularly curious how SpaceX will bid for these 20 missions, and how that interacts with their SmallSat Rideshare Program.