Main Engine Cut Off

Space Policy Directive-4

President Trump signed the directive that asks the Pentagon to send him a proposal that he can send to Congress, so Space Force is far from a done deal, but the administration went with the option much more likely to pass: a Space Force under the Air Force.

The legislative proposal required by section 3 of this memorandum shall create a civilian Under Secretary of the Air Force for Space, to be known as the Under Secretary for Space, appointed by the President by and with the advice and consent of the Senate.

This is the most disappointing part for me. I’m a Space Force Inevitablist, and the top priority in my eyes is elevating space leadership up and outside of the Air Force constraints.

Having the head of Space Force still reporting through the Air Force structure will still be a major pain point for national security space and will continue to hold it back in many ways.

But, this is what has a shot at passing, so for now, we wait.