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Spaceflight to Launch Brazil’s Amazonia-1

Representing the largest spacecraft Spaceflight has launched to date, Amazonia-1 weighs approximately 700 kilograms and is 1.7 meters in diameter and 2.6 meters tall. It will be the primary spacecraft on the PSLV mission, with the excess capacity filled by Spaceflight’s smallsat rideshare customers. Targeting mid-2020, Amazonia-1 will be deployed to a mean altitude 760 kilometers sun-synchronous orbit, while the additional secondary rideshare spacecraft will be deployed at a lower altitude.

Pretty cool to see Spaceflight sign a deal like this, where they book a full-size primary payload and will match secondary payloads with it on a dedicated launch. Seems like an attractive service for all parties, and I hope to see more of it in the future.