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CubeRover Officially Spins Off, Establishes Headquarters in Luxembourg

This historic agreement marks the establishment of CubeRover’s operations in the Grand Duchy as a spin out organization from Astrobotic Technology, Inc. (Astrobotic), a space robotics company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

The new headquarters in Luxembourg will be a hub for planetary rover design, manufacture, and assembly, as well as a one-stop shop for customers around the world to begin their planetary rover exploration programs.

I don’t really understand the decision to establish in Luxembourg. It makes sense for organizations focused on space resources, since Luxembourg has taken such a strong stance for private space property rights.

But it makes little sense for an exploration-focused organization that interfaces with landers—several of which are under active development here in the US—at a time when NASA is looking so strongly towards the Moon.

Unless CubeRover sees a very strong opportunity to get some money from the new fund that Luxembourg is establishing.