Main Engine Cut Off


If you’ve been listening to and/or reading my stuff for a bit, you probably know Jake Robins of WeMartians. He and I both do podcasts with fairly regular formats and topics we cover (he more than I…), and have been wanting an outlet with a loose format where we can discuss things outside of our typical realms. And most importantly, we wanted a place to hang out and talk space on a regular basis.

Off-Nominal is that outlet.

It’s a monthly podcast where we grab a drink or two and discuss whatever is on our collective space radar that month. In the future we may convince some other friends to join us, we may explore live streaming, and if we ever end up in the same geographical location (Hello, Falcon Heavy demo!), we might even put together a live, in-person shindig of some sort. We’re keeping plans loose and flexible and want this to be a fun outlet for this here little community.

We recorded the first episode this past weekend covering SpaceX’s BFR update (again, but together!), the future of Falcon Heavy, and the first meeting of the National Space Council.

Head over to to have a listen, find it in your preferred podcast directory (Apple, Google, Overcast, Stitcher, TuneIn), or drop this RSS URL into your podcast player. Hope you enjoy!