Main Engine Cut Off

Introducing the Main Engine Cut Off Shop

I’m excited to announce the launch of a brand new project: the Main Engine Cut Off Shop. This isn’t the typical “sell a t-shirt with your podcast logo on it” sort of project (though I do love me some podcast tees)—it’s an ever-growing collection of custom-designed products for space geeks like you and I.

Today, you’ll find two shirts and the long-awaited Rocket Socks. I’m working on a bunch of other products and ideas that will hit the store soon, so be sure to check back often (or follow me on Twitter) to keep up with new arrivals.

To pull back the curtain a bit, everything in the shop is printed on-demand. That means more freedom to create products (including incredibly quirky ones, like Rocket Socks), but it also means that it could take a few days to ship your order.

Head over to and take a look.