Main Engine Cut Off

Former Director of Quality Control at Roscosmos Killed in Jail

Matthew Bodner for The Moscow Times:

Evdokimov was placed in a six-man pre-trial holding cell in Moscow in December. The cell was constantly monitored with CCTV cameras. According to Russian media reports, Evdokimov made no complaints about his accommodations. He remained in this cell until last month.

According to RBC, the he was moved to another detention area in February. No explanation was given for the move. The new cell was occupied by 11 other inmates, and had not yet been outfitted in CCTV systems to monitor the area. According to news outlet, most of the other inmates in the cell were accused of economic crimes.

At about 4:00 a.m. on March 18, Evdokimov’s body was discovered in the cell’s bathroom. Investigators identified three knife wounds — two to the heart and one to the neck. Investigators quickly moved from presumed suicide to contract killing.

An unexplained move to a CCTV-less cell: highly suspicious, or highly opportunistic.