Frank DeMauro on the Switch from Antares to Atlas V

Chris Gebhardt of NASASpaceFlight talked with Orbital ATKโ€™s Frank DeMauro about the switch from Antares to Atlas V for OA-7:

โ€œThis came out of one of those standard conversations in which we talked about their cargo plan as it was. And then the conversation went to the possibility where NASA could benefit from additional cargo on one of our upcoming flights.

โ€œIt was in those conversations where the idea came up of how could we get more cargo up to the ISS for NASA, and the idea of using the Atlas to do that given the success we had launching the OA-4 and OA-6 on an Atlas as part of our return to flight initiative.โ€

After examining the upcoming schedule of CRS-1 flights, from OA-7 through OA-11, Mr. DeMauro stated that the teams and the discussion quickly focused on OA-7 as the logical choice to switch to an Atlas V.