FAA Clears Environmental Concerns Surrounding SpaceX West Coast Landings

Signed about a month ago, this report from the FAA states that they’ve cleared the environmental concerns surrounding Falcon 9 landings at Vandenberg.

The FAA’s Proposed Action is to issue licenses to SpaceX for Falcon 9 launch operations that include boost-backs and landings of the first stage at VAFB or in the Pacific Ocean. The Proposed Action analyzed in the 2016 EA includes construction of a new concrete landing pad and improving infrastructure at SLC-4W, as well as boost-backs and landings of the Falcon 9 first stage on the new pad. The Proposed Action also includes offshore barge landing of the first stage as an option.1 A barge landing would take place no less than 31 miles offshore of VAFB. Under the Proposed Action, launches including boost-backs and landings would occur up to six times per year. The Proposed Action would not change the number of launches (takeoffs) occurring at VAFB. 

Great timing, as SpaceX should be back up and flying soon.