It’s Official: SpaceX Will Launch SES-10 With Reused Core

From the SES press release:

SES and SpaceX announced today they have reached an agreement to launch SES-10 on a flight-proven Falcon 9 orbital rocket booster.

The satellite, which will be in a geostationary orbit and expand SES’s capabilities across Latin America, is scheduled for launch in Q4 2016.

I love the way they call it “flight-proven” instead of reused. It’s like the “certified pre-owned” of the launch industry.

A quote of Martin Halliwell, SES’ CTO, from the LA Times article:

There also was “no material change” in the insurance rate compared to using a new Falcon 9 rocket, indicating insurers’ confidence in the launch vehicle, Halliwell said.

That’s big news.